Two types of expenses go into your total cost for live-in care: one-time and continuous.

1. One-time expense:
1.1 initial finder's fee in the amount of $850. It is paid once, to Good People, at the beginning of our service.
1.2 terminal severance pay in the amount of 14 days salary (8 days in some locales for assignments anticipated to be short-term). It is paid once, to your caregiver (in rare circumstances to Good People, please contact us for details), at the end of our service.

2. Continuous expense: compensation of your caregiver(s), paid to your caregiver(s)
2.1 room - this part of total cost seldom represents an extra expense, but items such as recipient's property taxes or rent should be accounted for when comparing care solutions.
2.2 board - common foods and fluids. Caregiver's diet may differ from the care recipients' diet; a grocery shopping budget for the caregiver's board expense is a frequent solution.
2.3 salary - typically somewhere from $200 to $250 per day, take home money. We will agree on a specific amount after our evaluation and assessment interview (see Procedure). The salary depends upon the situation; care recepients' needs, preferences, location, and caregiver availability.

Caregivers are guaranteed two days off every other weekend. Some caregivers take full advantage of their time off, some stay on the job longer. Where family cannot fill-in during the caregiver's days off, additional cost to the care recipients may arise as it may be necessary to pay for substitute, which often costs more than your live-in caregiver.